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Thank you very much for your always fully support on

In order to further improve user experience, our website will be replaced with from Sep.12,2013. "Push to Marketplace" tool will go live simultaneously with TGOAL, which automates the process of getting your products into your eBay or Amazon online store.With this tool you can push product to eBay or Amazon in a very simple way.

We have transferred all the data from to You may log in with your letusdropship account to view the products & place the order. Please also be noted that "Order" module in will be out of use at the same time but you are still able to check the order history(including those orders placed via "" but haven't closed) via "" if necessary.

We will continue to focus on sourcing more cost effective branded products and improve user experience and more.

Your understanding and continuous support are highly appreciated.


TGOAL(LetusDropShip) Marketing Team

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